With version 2 we’ve totally re-written the system to improve usability and load time. A key change has been caching more data (simply put saving data locally in your browser) so that the system doesn’t need to keep asking the server to load the same info.

Interface changes

Replacing tabs with dropdown menus – in version 1 it was sometimes hard to see where you were so we’ve added simple dropdown menus

Selecting options

We’ve made finding and selection options much faster by using predictive text dropdowns – just start typing and the system will filter for you!

A new ToDo list to quickly add general tasks

A new To Do list option now lets you add any task to your todo list – tasks due today are shown in the red circle

Added a new quick resource availability checker

You can also quickly search to see who’s available by the checker in the header menu

Improved and customizable dashboard page

The new dashboard page puts the old panels from v1 into tabs. You can customise which tabs users see in the admin panel

1-page project view

We’ve put all the paperwork associated with a single project onto 1 page for ease of use

Ability to add multiple client Jobs

  • You can add multiple client jobs at the same time
  • The system will get the rate for each job from the client profile

New GANTT view project schedule

You can now view all your projects on a Gantt chart

Dropbox Integration

Dropbox is now fully integrated! This means you can set default folders for your clients and send links to files on your dropbox storage rather than using our servers.

New Client and Resource dashboards

We’ve redesigned these to make them easier to use

Better reports

…and better analytics

Holiday calendar for in – house staff

Your in-house staff, PM’s etc can now add their holidays in the system and see how many holidays they have left

Better access permissions

  • You can now define exactly what functions your staff can do.
  • You can even define your own roles e.g. Sales Guy or Accountant and tell the system which pages they can see and which function they can carry out

Improved template customization

  • We’ve added Header and Footer sections to templates
  • You can also determine what columns to show in the Jobs table within your templates
  • We’ve created a default template for resource invoices to simplify this process in version 1 they could create their own templates.

Asssigning multipe keywords to a category

  • Keywords are used to categorise things like client sectors, CAT tools, Resource specializations. In version 1 you had to create a single keyword per category.
  • in V2 you can now assign the same keyword to multiple categories