MemoQ spec

How to set up and use the TP/MemoQ integration

Setting up the MemoQ integration in TP

  • Login as an admin
  • Navigate to Integrations and add your MemoQ API details
  • Select a MemoQ User account for the integration
  • Click update to save the details

Create MemoQ job (s)

Open up a new client job window with a file upload option

Service – need to be mapped to the service defined earlier on project creation

Upload files (dropbox)

On save POST file and job details to MemoQ

File needs to be analyzed in MemoQ to see word count

Display MemoQ Jobs via GET in TP

Connect to MemoQ and GET data and in TranslationProjex display

  1. A new Client Job in TP for each language
  2. Columns are the same except no start date and after End date show progress bar
  3. GET wordcount from MemoQ (can be edited via usual  link)
  4. These jobs can then be assigned as usual but copy the link to the translation tool from MemoQ web editor in the Instructions box "job-url"

Creating a New MemoQ Project

  1. Click New MemoQ Project in Projects Menu
  2. This opens the standard TP New project window with some extra MemoQ specific fields at the bottom:
  3. In the Memoq Panel add source and target languages and DUE DATE
  4. Create a new client job and upload the file to create a task on Memoq

Setting up MemoQ users

Click the assign button

The "job-url" is GET via API and is embedded in the Instructions field

Remove the attach file option

Assigning a MemoQ job – New Resource job

Click the Assign button

  1. Fill in the details as usual
  2. Select from the Resource dropdown users with Memsource login – TP will only show resources that have a Memsource ID
  3. You’ll see a new link to the MemoQ job in the Comments field
  4. Click Save

Translating the file in MemoQ

The translator will receive a link via email to the job

  1. The progress bar within the TP project will be update as they confirm segments
  2. The completed file can be downloaded by clicking on the green arrow