TP News October 2015

Greetings from London

Apologies for our slackness in communicating. We just love to develop new stuff but forget to tell you guys about it 😉
New Features

  •  When you assign a job the button will now change to “Assigned” so it’s clear what has and hasn’t been assigned on a project
  • You can now edit your PO, Quote and Resource invoice template with the simple template editor. Yay!
  • PO status is now changed to invoiced/uninvoiced and paid – this gets rid of all those annoying “PO is overdue by 1000 days” statuses that make you look like an administrative slacker
  • You can now delete multiple POs by selecting them and then using the “delete” action
  • Clients can now place an order or request a quote via their portal. See Video here
  • Added support for Wordfast and Memsource summary CAT analyses
  • Added gender as a field in Resource profiles and filter for all resources
  • Added the ability to upload a file on resource job upload so the PO, and file can be sent at the same time
  • On the resource dashboard a download link will appear if a file has been uploaded for a task – this will just be an attachment icon that on click will go to a window showing all files for the project
  • In “Add new lead” added the “date added” field so that users can change the default default date added
  • In the All client jobs table we added client contact name filter
  • In the Reports dashboard Top expenses are now sorted by highest to lowest expense amount
  • In the Reports>Projects we added Client as a filter
  • We enabled sorting by rate in the “Find resource” window within a project
  • Added ability to batch select which of services are available in the client portal
  • In All Client invoices we added a column Chased? which shows how many times the invoice has been chased


  • Added Activity Logs in the Admin Panel (in the Welcome menu). This shows ALL activity in your system – who did what when – so there’s no more blaming deleting a client on someone else 😉
  • Passwords hashed in admin panel but admin can log in as as any user


  • Fixed PO catcount total differences
  • Fix Native language drop down
  • In send files we made uploading/selecting a file a required field – before you could click send even though no file had been attached
  • Due end December rollout
    (ojala, syv ni traten, с божьей помощью, se piace a Dio, inshallah) 😉
  • Quickbooks support
  • Full leave management system with holiday request management
  • Ability to show stats for internal users who are assigned tasks e.g. PMs who also do services such as translation