[saas-tour-description title=”Improve translation quality through term management”]Ensuring consistent use of the right terms in translations is critical for translation quality. A key feature of TranslationProjex is its Reference feature. This is an easy to use tool that helps ensure translation resources use the right terminology in the right context.[/saas-tour-description]
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[saas-tour-feature icon=”http://www.translationprojex.com/wp-content/themes/SaaS-II/images/tick_32.png” title=”Terminology management”]Terms and their associated translations can be added individually or imported from excel. Resources can browse terms online and you can lock down access to your termbase to those only currently on projects[/saas-tour-feature]
[saas-tour-feature icon=”http://www.translationprojex.com/wp-content/themes/SaaS-II/images/search_32.png” title=”Document analysis and automatic project glossary creation “]A powerful feature is the ability to analyse an MS Office document against the terms in your database and ready-made project glossary of matching terms.[/saas-tour-feature]
[saas-tour-feature icon=”http://www.translationprojex.com/wp-content/themes/SaaS-II/images/info_32.png” title=”MS Office Plugin”]TranslationProjex also includes Termify™ an extremely simple standalone tool integrated into MS Office applications. It simplifies the job of translation by analysing a source text, highlighting terms and suggesting the most appropriate client validated term. [/saas-tour-feature]