System updates – 20130610

We’ve been hard at work improving and adding features to TranslationProjex and preparing for our talk at Localization world on 14 June 2013 in London

Video of changes can be viewed here


New features

  • Added the ability to print/export to excel on all pages. e.g you can now export a list of all all your projects to excel or a list of all due invoices in a particular month by clicking the icons in the top right hand corner

    export data in TranslationProjex

    export data in TranslationProjex

  • Added a second email field to the client and resource forms
  • New “Payment Expense”  box added to the Add new payment page so you can now add any additional costs associated with an incoming payment from a client – e.g. transfer fees
  • New notes field added to the Client form
  • You can now filter by deadlines and Project manager in the Project Schedule page



  • Russian language version now added
  • Added “Company” field in the Resource form so you can now add a company if you work with corporate vendors

Bug fixes/improvements

  • Improved the layout of the default templates
  • You can now send links to files which aren’t linked to a project
  • Added totals to all pages e.g. in All Projects you can now see the total number of projects in your system
  • When a translator adds VAT to an invoice only the net amount was showing
  • Improved the french localisation
  • Added new variables to templates so you can now add file description field to the email notification template, Project and Job comments can now also be added so you can add things likes “Venue of interpreting assignment” to a Purchase order or a client quote.

In development

  • Improved reports! We’re adding more reports on productivity and profit so feel free to email us with your ideas
  • Customer Relationship Management module – due for release end of July
  • Add the ability to import analysis files
  • Simplified CAT count view for clients – i.e. just showing repeated words
  • Reducing the number of “confirmation” popup boxes

Have a great weekend!

The TranslationProjex Team