Recommended web browsers

Our ambition is to support all modern versions of the most widely-used web browsers, such as Internet Explorer (version 7 or later), Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

We no longer support Internet Explorer 6. This means that some features in Projectplace will not work for users of that browser.

» Upgrade your Internet Explorer browser

If you can’t make the upgrade yourself, please contact your IT department.

Are you testing a beta version a browser? We are continually testing new web browsers and versions. We regret if we are not able to support your version but would welcome your feedback on how Projectplace works with it. Please send us your feedback on Projectplace Ideas.

We recommend


  • Windows XP and later versions*
  • Web browser Internet Explorer 7, or later
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox

E-mail program Outlook 2000


  • OS Mac OS X
  • Web browser Firefox
  • Safari