How much does the software cost?

TranslationProjex is a subscription service i.e. you pay for it on a monthly basis. There are no set up, support or storages costs. You just pay a single monthly fee 🙂

Is support included?

Support is free and included in your subscription.

The Agency plan has a 15hr support limit but in our 3 years of selling TranslationProjex no one has ever exceeded 10 hrs ;-).

You’ll get Skype, email and telephone support if you need it. We get back to all support requests within 12 hrs and can always be reached via email.

What can I customize in TranslationProjex?

You can customize most things in TranslationProjex (and we don’t charge extra for this)

The key customizable elements are:

  • Site name and logo
  • Invoice, quote and PO templates
  • User permissions – who can see and do what in the system
  • Currencies and exchange rates
  • Services (e.g. language combinations offered)
  • Rates charged
  • Units
  • Categories

Can I cancel at any time? If so what happens to my data

Life’s too uncertain for long term contracts! Your subscription to TranslationProjex is a month-to-month basis.

If we don’t meet your needs just cancel you’ll have nothing further to pay and we’ll just delete all your data.

If you need a copy of the data just ask and we can give you the database file.

How private is my data?

Each of our TranslationProjex systems are stored separately and securely.

We have no access to your system unless you give us a login or we need to troubleshoot.

We are happy to sign an NDA if you have any concerns

Clouds are big, fluffy amorphous things... I’m worried my data will get lost?

We understand your concerns. All this storage in the cloud stuff sounds a little insecure. All your data is hosted on probably the most secure platform in the world – Amazon Web services. Basically if Amazon goes down then we’re all in trouble.
All stuff going in and out of your site is encrypted with SSL 256
All sites are backed up daily to a different location