TranslationProjex system updates: 20130624

We had a n excellent Localization World conference and ruffled a few feathers with our keynote presentation criticising per user licencing.

New features

  • We’ve added new Invoice, Quote and Purchase order templates – Yeah!

New invoice layout

Your existing templates will remain as they are but if you’d like to change to the new layouts:

1) Go into your admin panel>Manage Templates

2) Select Base layout – Blue or Grayscale

Selecting a new invoice in TranslationProjex

Bug fixes/improvements

  • We’ve halved the load time of the system so you should find your sites load much much faster 🙂

In development

  • Improved reports! We’re adding more reports on productivity and profit
  • Customer Relationship Management module – due for release end of July
  • Add the ability to import analysis files
  • Simplified CAT count view for clients – i.e. just showing repeated words
  • Reducing the number of “confirmation” popup boxes
  • SSL certificates for all sites

Have a great week!

The TranslationProjex Team

System updates – 20130426

We’ve been hard at work improving and adding features to TranslationProjex

Bug fixes/improvements

  • Fixed rounding errors on templates
  • Fixed an error with currencies in General expenses
  • Added new variables to templates so you can now add file description field to the email notification template, Project and Job comments can now also be added so you can add things likes “Venue of interpreting assignment” to a Purchase order or a client quote.

New features

  • Multilingual email notification templates. You can now create different language templates for email notifications. See this how-to video
  • New and improved Project Schedule
  • You can now print invoices that have been paid

In development

  • Improved reports
  • Project manager can generate invoices for resources – handy if you don’t want to give your resources access to the system
  • Customer Relationship Management module – due for release end of June

Have a great weekend!

The TranslationProjex Team

TranslationProjex updates 20130211

Greetings from a cold and snowy London
A few more features added this week:
1. Added a new VAT field to the Create new resource form and this is now available as a variable in the resource template
2. Added a field on the Resource invoice generation page called “My invoice number” so resources can add their own invoice number
3. Resources can now combine multiple purchase orders onto one invoice!
4. Increased the size of the company logo field on all outgoing paperwork

New File Management features

When we first created TP we wanted to keep it as simple as possible so we opted to build it with limited file management capabilities. Afterall in the era of Dropbox and the like we felt it better to let users use their own file storage capabilities. However….a lot of of clients had issues receiving large attachments and frankly using ftp and file sending sites like yousendit just didn’t cut it. So …we’ve added a whole new file management system to TranslationProjex.

It now means your resources, PMs and clients can now send and receive links to their files.