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Playing with Slate – Desktop MT

We’ve been playing with Slate from Precision Tools. The pitch is that it enables users to build a personalized translation engine from their own translation memories for superior quality. A sort of personalized google translate. So far the interface is a little crude and we get lots of timeout/memory out errors but it looks promising.

Integrating Memsource and (eventually) Xero

We’re busy integrating Memsource into TranslationProjex. What does this mean? Well: Creating a project in TP will create a project in Memsource Ability to send a unique URl to assigned translators and reviewers Progress monitoring within TP We plan to get an alpha version out by the end of August Then on to to Xero […]

TranslationProjex Roadmap for 2016

Roadmap for 2016 (ojala, syv ni traten, с божьей помощью, se piace a Dio, inshallah) 😉 Q1 Reports on steroids! Improved reports and graphs to give you actionable insight into your business Xero support A revamped calendar so you can see at a glance what all internal staff are working on Ability to import leads via csv Support […]

TP News October 2015

Greetings from London Apologies for our slackness in communicating. We just love to develop new stuff but forget to tell you guys about it 😉 New Features  When you assign a job the button will now change to “Assigned” so it’s clear what has and hasn’t been assigned on a project You can now edit […]

TP News December 2015

Last newsletter for 2015 In this, our last newsletter for the year, we’ve got some cool new features and essential bug fixes, and a roadmap for 2016. Have a wonderful xmas and let’s hoping 2016 is better than 2015!!! New Features Full leave management system with holiday request management. Your in-house staff can now formally request […]

TP News September 2015

New features and fixes Thank you all on the excellent feedback on v2. We’ve been ironing out the kinks and are now starting to add new features. New TranslationProjex Support Site! We’ve now set up our new support site which you can here –support.translationprojex.com. For faster support please email support@translationprojex.com We’ve also added a cool little support […]

TP News July 2015

New Features Email logs  – By default we use a 3rd party email provider to send emails on your behalf. Deliverability is 99.5% but occassionally you may get an “Email sent successfully” message in TP but the email might not actually be received by the target. We’ve added the ability to view actual sent status Rich text […]

TranslationProjex version 2 beta is out!

At last Version 2 is out of alpha and into beta. Alpha in development terms basically means the software has been developed but is likely to have lots of bugs and is not suitable for production (i.e. every day use) Beta means that the software is stable and is likely to have a few minor, […]