TP News December 2015

Last newsletter for 2015

In this, our last newsletter for the year, we’ve got some cool new features and essential bug fixes, and a roadmap for 2016.

Have a wonderful xmas and let’s hoping 2016 is better than 2015!!!

New Features

  • Full leave management system with holiday request management. Your in-house staff can now formally request holidays and you can track (accept,reject, allocate) absences. Cool video here
  • We’ve added 2 new Quickbooks desktop exports of client invoices and rescource invoices. (To get data into Qbooks you’ll need to use a 3rd party tool such as Transaction Pro importer.)
  • Ability to show stats for internal users who are assigned tasks e.g. PMs who also do services such as translation. If your PMs also translate/proof you can now track their effort by associating their stats with a resource profile.
  • You can upload a signature to your templates using the Authorised signatory field.
  • You can now see who logged in and when to your system in the Activity logs in the Admin Panel

Fixes/usability improvements

  • Added the Invoice PO icon on the dashboard of Resources so they can now easily invoice their POs
  • Added the Client name and Project name and start date columns to the Resources report
  • Added a bulk delete action in Admin Panel>projects> services
  • In the simple editor in quotes, invoices and POs we fixed a few layout issues
  • We added the project name and project code variables in the Send job request, PO received and file sent email templates
  • We removeed authentication from Dropbox file download links so clients no longer have to login to see their files