TP News July 2015

New Features

  1. Email logs  – By default we use a 3rd party email provider to send emails on your behalf. Deliverability is 99.5% but occassionally you may get an “Email sent successfully” message in TP but the email might not actually be received by the target. We’ve added the ability to view actual sent status
  2. Rich text editor for job comments – you can now embed html code and links in comments fields and in your project spaces so you can show videos and audio files!
  3. Adding multiple sub-services to parent categories – in the admin panel you can select 30 common languages and assign source and target services to multiple categories.
  4. Taxes and discounts on quotes are now carried over to projects – if you apply a discount at the quote stage it’ll now be retained in the project
  5. Tax and discounts for individual jobs – you can now apply taxes and discounts to individual jobs

Fixes and improvements

Thank you all on the excellent feedback. Bug fixes include:

  • CATCount is now updated after a CSV is re-uploaded
  • Manual date sent on invoice is retained after you send an invoice
  • The Project balance now reflects the actual revenue on a project including taxes/discounts
  • Job comments are now inline rather than in a column on invoices
  • Fixed a timeout issue on filtering for ALL resource invoices
  • When you create a new project and add a comment in the overview it’s now saved

What’s next (ETA October)

  • Activity logs  – who did what and when
  • Client portal on steroids – Better reporting for clients in their portal
  • Revamped Reports – better financial and productivity reports
  • Quickbooks support – ability to export client and resource payments and invoices created in TP to Quickbooks
  • Support for Memsource Analysis files and Studio 2015
  • Interface colour schemes
If you’d like access to the beta system as soon as possible let us know

Thank you and have a great summer