System updates 20130314

Despite the biting cold in the UK we managed to get some useful updates out to all your systems
1) Launched a new support site –
We’re not a great fan of support tickets, but as our client base grows we are likely to need to manage support requests. We’re using the awesome Zendesk to manage this.
For now, feel free to email me if you have an issue/feature request
2) Changed the default project view to expanded mode  – previously when you assigned a job to a translator you had to click the little arrow to expand the Job – now the default view is expanded.
3) Changed the default view on the All Invoices pages (client and resources)  to Expected invoices (this shows all expected and overdue invoices)
In the pipeline for end of March 
A new expense management tool that will let you upload and report on general expenses (e.g. rent/salaries) to the system